Message: Project Director

Dr. Najeeb Ullah
Project Director (PhD University of Cambridge)

Swat UET is an ambitious project aimed to develop a universal net of communication and platform sharing with our able brethren’s in technology around the world. I deem myself lucky to put my qualification and exposure at Cambridge while pursuing my Ph. D. to lay the foundation of a creative and learning environment with constant evolution. My current tenure as a professor in the Energy Centre in UET Peshawar enables me to observe my students' true potential and study the lags in our educational mechanism that hold them back from excelling unleashing their true potential as students of technology. Taking all these in-depth observations into account, I am hard focused on coming up with a mechanism for the institute that frees my students from all formalities and allows them to enjoy the wonders of innovation and technology coupled with generating solutions that are sustainable and feasible for our nation’s problems. Swat UET is a project designed to explore, evolve, polish, and ultimately utilize the unparalleled talent and potential in our youth. Becoming a school of competitive caliber on the international canvas of innovation and technological institutions giving birth to unique and smart ideas is my main goal and we are well on our way to achieving that. My team and I are affirmative of the belief that our passion, experience, professional exposure, and determination will make Swat UET an iconic institute in the Realm of Innovation, IT, and Technology.

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